Landco Contracting Ltd.

When it comes to Fraser Valley excavation, knowing how to anticipate what is under the surface can be just as important as understanding demolition. This region has seen vast change, with soil conditions changing from farm to residential, organic soft soil to gravel from nearby rivers. Whether offering our services as a demolition company for that old home or commercial building or providing the expertise as an excavation company for sewer tie-ins in a new sub-division, we have the experience to deliver. You can see from the wide range of projects we have done, that we can handle anything from the smallest residential repair job to working alongside large construction companies. We have helped Fraser Valley residents with the creation of critical retaining walls, cleared land for new buildings and even provided trenchless technology for pipe lining under driveways. Our experience in hydro and telephone installation and solving drainage problems has made us a valuable part of the Fraser Valley excavation community. Our attention to detail as well as flexibility when it comes to unexpected issues has made our site servicing, demolition and landscape capabilities among the best in the Fraser Valley.